Koen Pack Waste Policy

Through this statement we show compliance with the way we deal with waste and the resulting released materials. We encourage and motivate staff to ensure the workplace adapts basic separations. By reusing materials and energy production we prevent CO² emissions. With this declaration, we endorse our approach in the field of integrated and consistent sustainability by reusing materials from the waste process.

Biodegradable or not?

Processing each waste stream

Residual waste


Materials which (unfortunately) come into consideration for recycling are used as much as possible to generate energy. Our waste processor owns the new incinerator ReEnergy in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. This plant, which was commissioned in 2011, produces 246,000 MWh of electricity which is considered to be about half green energy.
Besides the sale of electricity, is also working on the sale of residual heat to even build community through a climate smart grid. Due to the high efficiency ReEnergy has the so-called R1-status; processing plant is seen as recovery.


Paper and carton

The paper and carton which remains is remaining is offered for 100% for recycling. Archival paper can be used as a primary raw material in the tissue industry. Towels, napkins and toilet paper is made from it. High-quality paper is again used as a fine-paper (copy paper). Through a collaboration with DS Smith, the cardboard waste is turned into new cardboard again. How that works, you can read on this page.



Waste foil is offered for 100% for the production of new plastics. This way the use of virgin material (derived from oil) is reduced.



'A' wood is natural wood without (pre) treatment. This is clean, unprocessed wood. This wood is recycled 100%. It is used in the particle board industry.
'B' and 'C' wood consists of dyed, coated, impregnated or glued wood. This material is shredded and goes to waste energy plants. Since the wood is converted into energy, it is supplied back to the grid.


Ink cartridges

All ink cartridges are collected at Koen Pack, not only from the regular printers, but also from the professional color proofing system with which the samples are printed. When the box is full, they are collected and recycled by Eeko. We help charities with the collection program because most cartridges are reusable. If you want to know more about this, check it out on Eeko.nl. (site in Dutch).


Koen Pack is a firm believer in lowering the carbon footprint of all our products, and with that, the impact on the environment. All our plastics are fully recyclable, and we are able to produce degradable plastics that are currently available in the market. We strongly prefer recycling however, since it’s always better to prevent plastic from ending up in the landfills. The key point is to educate consumers to actually recycle all plastics. That’s why we show the recycle logo on our products wherever possible. We use water based inks where possible. Would you like more information about this? Please send an e-mail with your question to info@koenpack.com.