Thinking about sustainable packaging is a must

Week 14 – March, 31 2020
Retail expects suppliers to think along about sustainable packaging in floriculture. "You have to be a discussion partner to remain interesting."
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Hardware sale

Week 14 – March, 31 2020
Are you looking for some nice hardware to use for indoors or outdoors? Then take advantage of competitive prices on this hardware we selected for you.
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Environmentally friendly packaging

Week 13 – March, 26 2020
Are you looking at environmental friendly packaging or packaging produced responsibly?
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Koen Pack wishes everyone good health and strength

Week 12 – March, 19 2020
The governments have taken additional measures this week to tackle the corona virus around the world. This has major consequences for all of us. Events have been canceled and food and beverage outlets have been closed. Schools and day care centers are closed, which is partly why many Dutch people work at home.
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Easter sale

Week 12 – March, 19 2020
You can temporarily benefit from competitive prices on the last numbers of our best Easter items.
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Trade Fair Naaldwijk

Week 12 – March, 17 2020
If you have been to the Trade Fair in Naaldwijk last week, we thank you for visiting our hardware booth with our pre-sale items.
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Added value for spring time

Week 11 – March, 10 2020
We have different types of hardware to make it cozy again with spring flowers inside and outside.
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Baskets Nature and more

Week 9 – February, 25 2020
Handmade art at home with these woven baskets. Secure craftsmanship can be seen in the way these baskets are made.
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Luxury picks and more

Week 8 – February, 18 2020
Give your flower or plant arrangement even more warmth and luxury with the new picks from the Fendi and Gabbana series.
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Duo Tones and more

Week 7 – February, 11 2020
In this trend, with its cheerful and exuberant colours, you can really make a statement with your bouquet.
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Is this something 'For You'?

Week 6 – February, 4 2020
In this trend we see many flower prints and environmental friendly materials: "because we care".
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Corona Virus update

Week 5 – January, 30 2020
A lot has been said in the media about the Corona virus in China, which leads to new information every day. To limit the spread of this virus, the factories and ports will not open for another week after the usual vacation, at least until further notice until February 10.
It is not yet clear in which regions factories remain closed and for how long, but there is a good chance that this will have consequences for current productions and your current orders; we expect delays. We are not yet able to indicate which orders are involved, but we try to chart the status on a daily basis and of course we will immediately inform you when we know more.
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Valentine's Day Sale

Week 5 – January, 28 2020
It is almost Valentine's Day. Make your flower and plant arrangements even more attractive with a decorative pick, a romantic bag or a beautiful red sleeve.
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Hat box Ivy and more

Week 4 – January, 21 2020
Due to the success of the hat boxes last year, we have added a new series of Hat boxes to our assortment.
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Envelope For You and more

Week 3 – January, 14 2020
Time to Re-Load, this 2020 theme with bright, colourful packaging makes you happy. This is one of the five themes in which you will find a number of new shapes and designs in gift packaging.
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Valentine's Day sale

Week 2 – January, 7 2020
Are you still looking for additions to your Valentine's Day assortment?
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All luxury for the new year

Week 1 – December, 30 2019
The Velvet bags from the Adeline series are now available from stock at Koen Pack. The velvet fabric gives the bag a luxurious look.
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Is this something for you?

Week 51 – December, 17 2019
The need of the consumer is changing. This sometimes creates tension and unrest, whereas one person charges with "soft" stimuli, the other charges with colour contrasts and techno music.
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Lots of new added value

Week 50 – December, 10 2019
Are you looking for something new in the field of ceramics? We have the newest series available for you this week.
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Sara and Yara

Week 49 – December, 3 2019
New at Koen Pack, the Sara and Yara series. The pot baskets from the Sara series are available in two different sizes, just like the pots from the Yara series.
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Black Friday deals

Week 48 – November, 29 2019
Today is Black Friday and that is why you only benefit today from these great offers at Koen Pack.
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New Heart Pendant and more

Week 48 – November, 26 2019
Finish your plant or arrangement with these wooden hearts, they are easy to attach because the hearts come with a hook. Available from stock in four different colors.
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What's interesting for you?

Week 47 – November, 19 2019
We have many different items in our assortment for this time of the year. From sleeves and sheets to picks and ceramics. Take advantage of the latest items for special prices!
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Week 46 – November, 12 2019
Sandra Könings was a guest of ours last week to give a trend lecture on the collection for 2020. Afterwards we were able to celebrate the opening and launch of the new collection with more than 200 guests. We thank everyone who made it possible and look back with the after movie.
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New showroom and more

Week 46 – November, 12 2019
After months of construction, hard work and decorating, we have festively opened the new showroom last week. We are very happy with the result and can't wait to share this with you.
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Flower Market and more

Week 45 – November, 5 2019
Now available from stock! With this new Flower Market series, you can choose from a number of sturdy vases made of thick glass in a holder of robust wood.
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Updated App

Week 44 – October, 30 2019
Easily find and order our products with your mobile, with the well-arranged menu and the advanced search function and filters.
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Urban Jungle and more

Week 44 – October, 29 2019
Bring the jungle into your home with these new zinc pots and bowls from the 'Urban Jungle' series. This series consists of 3 modest colours with a jungle look according to the latest trends.
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Foxy Flirt and more

Week 43 – October, 22 2019
Especially for the loving days we have added a new series of zinc to our collection. The pots are available in 3 colors and suitable for pot size 12.
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New jute bags and more

Week 42 – October, 15 2019
As requested by many customers, we have added these new jute bags to our collection. The bags are finished with a coloured border and they are available in two beautiful autumn colours.
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New Christmas bows and more

Week 41 – October, 8 2019
If you want to give a special Christmas atmosphere to your plants or flowers in an easy and simple way, you can use these bows.
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Greenovation Awards

Week 40 – October, 1 2019
We have been selected for the Greenovation Awards with the Hydropapier sleeves. In collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we have developed a series of FSC-certified sleeves made of water-repellant Kraft paper.
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Autumn sale

Week 40 – October, 1 2019
Looking outside, fall has started, are you still looking for nicely priced items to add value to your autumn arrangements?
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New jute bags and more

Week 39 – September, 24 2019
These new bags from the Urban Life series are coming in this week. They are made of nonwoven jute and are available in three different sizes.
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What do you think of these cool pots?

Week 38 – September, 17 2019
The Filigree series is a new addition to our range of hardware. These sturdy concrete pots have a modest metallic finish which gives them a luxurious touch.
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Ceramic pots, Easter leaflet and more

Week 37 – September, 10 2019
We are happy to tell you that these new ceramic series Dimples and Bangles are available now.
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New autumn picks and more

Week 36 – September, 3 2019
The warm summer days are almost over and we are heading for a beautiful period: autumn.
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Preparations for Halloween and more

Week 35 – August, 27 2019
On Thursday, October 31, it's that time again: Halloween. The day is dominated by creeps, lights and scary pumpkins.
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New hardware, Back to School and more

Week 34 – August, 20 2019
From this week the ceramic pots from the "Ribbel" series are available from stock. These cheerful summer pots are suitable for pot size 9.
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New fall picks and more

Week 33 – August, 13 2019
We may not want to think about it yet, but in a few months time fall begins. Koen Pack has a nice addition to the assortment for this time of the year.
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The Sustainable Dictionary

Week 32 – August, 6 2019
When it comes to flower and plant packaging, Koen Pack has set itself the goal of informing customers about the different ways to deal with sustainability.
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Summer Sale

Week 31 – August, 1 2019
Special prices on summer items.
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Renewed and reorganized website online

Week 31 – July, 30 2019
You can find the most beautiful packaging collection on our RENEWED website.
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Soft bears and summer hardware

Week 30 – July, 22 2019
Make your flower or plant arrangement a true gift with these new Teddy bears.
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The difference between compostable and bio-based

Week 29 – July, 16 2019
You see and hear it everywhere; horticulture must also be made more sustainable. There is an increasing demand for compostable, biodegradable and organic products.
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Flower sleeves made of water-resistant paper are available now

Week 28 – July, 9 2019
From this week, these Hydropaper flower sleeves are available in various sizes and shapes. These sleeves fit perfectly in the sustainability trends of today. They can be put in the paper bin for recycling after use.
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Urban hardware series, a new flower bow and lots of summer items

Week 27 – July, 2 2019
The Urban series is an extensive series with different types of baskets, bowls and bags made of rope. They come in various sizes, making them suitable for almost all plants and plant arrangements.
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New warehouse

New office building for Koen Pack in Beamsville, Ontario

Beamsville, ON. – June 27, 2019
We are proud to announce the completion of our new office building at 4684 Bartlett Rd. in Beamsville.
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New Pot Moroccan series

Week 26 – June 25, 2019
From this week, the new pot baskets from the Moroccan series are available. The pot baskets are made of straw and therefore have a natural appearance. The baskets are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
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What does Koen Pack do about sustainable?

Week 25 – June 18, 2019
Our customers consider a "switch" to sustainable packaging. Koen Pack has been going through this transition for much longer … because we care!

New showroom

Construction of new showroom in full swing

Week 24 – June 11, 2019
After a year of preparations, we celebrated the start of the renovation last week.
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The summer is coming!

Week 23 – June 4, 2019
To celebrate this, we have listed the best summer items for you. It is even better that these items have special summer prices now!

Special prices on the last sweet picks

Week 22 – May 28, 2019
These delicious sweets, available in various flavours and types, are packed in an airtight container. These delicious candy picks are reduced in price as long as stock is available

Ben Splinter account manager at Koen Pack

Ben Splinter account manager at Koen Pack

Amstelveen - April 25, 2019

Since the beginning of April, Ben Splinter has been added to the team of enthusiastic account managers at Koen Pack. Ben has been working in the flower and plant industry for 30 years at different types of companies. He grew up in Aalsmeer and knows the industry from different angles.

First Sample Book Presented to Bouquetnet

First Sample Book Presented to Bouquetnet

Amstelveen - April 18, 2019

On Tuesday April 16th, the sustainability campaign was launched at Koen Pack. The reactions from the market are very positive. The first day Koen Pack was overwhelmed by the many requests for the unique sample book. They are also very enthusiastic at Bouquetnet, partner of Koen Pack.

Christmas Leaflet 2019

Christmas Leaflet 2019

Amstelveen - March 5, 2019
We are pleased to introduce the new Christmas collection for 2019 to you. The extensive new assortment is based on the upcoming Christmas trends as they can be found in the market.The assortment has been specially designed for you in various attractive styles. Get your inspiration here!

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