PCR recycled sleeves rBOPP


At Koen Pack, we go beyond offering quality products. That is why we are proud to introduce our new PCR (post-consumer recycled) sleeve, a good step towards a greener future.

What is PCR recycled material?

PCR (Post-consumer recycled) is polypropylene made from recycled household plastic waste. This material is collected after use through existing waste and collection systems.

What is PCR packaging?

PCR packaging is made from recycled plastic household waste, giving it a second life. Our flower sleeves are made of rBOPP (recycled BOPP), with PCR material with a GRS certificate. So that means less burden on our earth and more love for flowers!

Why choose PCR?

1). Less dependence on fossil fuels: by using PCR instead of virgin material, we help reduce the depletion of precious fossil resources.
2️). Reduced CO2 emissions: with PCR packaging, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet.
3). Reduced waste: we reduce waste by repurposing old plastic. With PCR packaging, we contribute to a circular economy.

Sleeve Phyllis rBOPP in various sizes >>

Waste management

This material is made of PP, and can be deposited in the plastic PMD waste bin in The Netherlands.
Check the recycle website of your country to see where you can deposit your plastic packaging.