Koen Pack sponsoring

Double Harvest SO Natural

Open day SO Natural for Double Harvest in Haïti

Moerkapelle – 7th October 2017
On Saturday October 7th SO natural, organized an Open Day for consumers from the area Zuidplas, Gouda, Den Haag, Zoetermeer and Rotterdam together with their Orchids & So store. The open day program offers fun activities for young and old, such as a market, workshops, guided tours and a bride show. The full proceeds from the open day are donated to Double Harvest. Double Harvest was established in 1966 by the family of Green Circle Growers and creates employment in the agricultural sector. They introduced clean drinking water pipelines, provide clothing, education and nutrition for orphans and school children. This is an excellent initiative and Koen Pack is therefore proud that we sponsored the open day. The revenue was € 37.000 according to this item in Bloemen en Plantennieuws of 10-10-2017.

Sporting Martinus

Sponsoring the presentation suits of the Veterans 45+

Amstelveen – 26 September 2017
Soccer Club Sporting Martinus from Amstelveen was founded on May 16th, 1919 and is located at Amsterdamseweg since 1951. At Koen Pack we are soccer minded, so this club can count on our support. This is why we are sponsoring the presentation suits of the Veterans 45+. Sporting Martinus grows rapidly and they therefore need better facilities on their accomodation. They can use every bit of support. You can become friend of Sporting Martinus from € 50,- per year. As a thank you, you will receive an eternal mention on the beautiful Wall of Friends board. Thank you very much from everyone of this soccer club.

Dart Association Poel's Eye

Koen Pack Table sponsor 2016-2017 Dart Association Poel's Eye

Kudelstaart – 14th September 2017
Dart Association Poel's Eye in Kudelstaart, The Netherlands exists of an enthousiastic group of dart players. They annually compete for the Championship Cup in the local village house 'The Podium'. In the season 2016-2017, Erik Jan Geelkerken managed to get the maximum score on the last night and to get the highest finish results on his name. He eventually reached Tibor Hogervorst and became the champion of the season. Tibor Hogervorst finished in the final grade as runner up, but with the highest throw of the season: 164. Moreno Blom finished third. Congratulations to everyone!

Roda Damesteam

RODA '23 Shirtsponsor

Amstelveen – 13th September 2017
With the local soccer club RODA '23, an agreement has been reached for the 2017-2018 season again. Koen Pack is also responsible for the Ladies Team shirt sponsorship in the coming years. In addition, we are present with field advertising and we are 'Pillar' and Roda '23 'Dressing Room' sponsor.

We wish them great success and many goals.


S.P.I.E. - Pramenrace Aalsmeer 2017

Aalsmeer – 9th September 2017
The annual Pramenrace took place this year on Saturday September 9th. It was on and around the Westeinderplassen of Aalsmeer. Koen Pack is sponsor of this dit festive event where many of our customers are involved in. The theme this year is "Zoek het uit". The results of the first three winners by category are: 1 Speedfish S. Baardse 1:51:13 - 2 Ast maar drijft K. Janssens 2:07:41 - 3 Legale Beppies M. v.d. Schilden 2:07:58 | Bokken Name Captain Time: 1 Gang is Allus J. Knobbout 2:48:22 - 2 Rentapraam M. Kesting 2:50:00- 3 Sweetisch Penta Mafia J. Engel 2:58:30 | Ladies Name Captain Time: 1 Herinnert u zich deze nog? C. Kooij 2:28:06 - 2 Eén pot nat I. van Arkel 2:58:40 - 3 Praamangels F. Molema 2:59:25 | Recreantive Name Captain Time: 1 Team Joppe a.k.a. Aquaprama J. van Schuppen 2:21:09 - 2 De Drifters A. v.d. Drift 2:26:26 - 3 De Vlijtbuiters R. de Vries 2:34:25.

FC Aalsmeer Heren Zondag 5

Shirtsponsor Sunday Men 5 FC Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer – 8th September 2017
Koen Pack is shirtsponsor of FC Aalsmeer - Men Sunday 5. On the back row from left to right: Jordy Reurekas (leader), Tom Schrama, Joost Kooy, Marc Beedham, Ron Winters, Patrick Dijkstra, Roy Winters, Thijs Boomhouwer. From row from left to right: Perry Springintveld, Marco Offerman, Joost Huismans, Peter Luyten, Marco Koehler and Rick Eikelenboom.
Also in the new season we wish our soccer players many goals and nice matches.


Start to Run at Atletiek Vereniging Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer – 1st September 2017
On Saturday September 16th, a new beginners course running started for 6 weeks at Atheletics Club Aalsmeer.
Have you always wanted to know if running is something for you, but you do not know how to handle it best? Or have you tried running before and would you like to start over again? Then this course is really something for you. At the end of this course you will be able to run for 20 minutes. You should build this carefully using a responsible beginners schedule. Because Koen Pack has sponsored AVA for years, we also support this initiative a lot.

Tennis Vereniging Kudelstaart

Tennis Vereniging Kudelstaart

Kudelstaart – 22 August 2017
At Tennis Association Kudelstaart Koen Pack has a billboard on the tennis field prominently. A number of our employees are fanatical tennis players and are motivated by our company to exercise their favorite sport to stay healthy and keep moving.

We wish employees and customers a lot of sportive hours!

Nootdorpse Dressuurdagen 2017

Horseback Riding School Days 2017

Nootdorp – 18, 19 and 20 Augustus 2017
A three day concours on Manege Hippisch Centrum Nootdorp is run by volunteers, who all help to make the Nootdorpse Dressuurdagen a success. Without the efforts of all our volunteers, it is not possible to organize an event like the Nootdorpse Dressuurdagen. Koen Pack supports this as a sponsor. During these competition days, tests are ridden in the class: Bixie, BB, B to ZZL and freestyle, a pleasure to see!


Stichting Jeugd Speelweek

Bleiswijk – 14 August 2017
The hut village in Bleiswijk is unique in The Netherlands. The only voluntary organization that can organize such a big event for free is of course great. And Koen Pack wants to contribute to this.

Foundation to School in Haiti

Foundation to School in Haiti

Foundation to School in Haiti

Port au Prince – 13 June 2016
Every child deserves education
This right becomes reality for the children in Haiti that are supported by ‘Foundation to School in Haiti’. They can go to school thanks to this foundation.

"Following education is the beginning of the end of poverty"
From this conviction, Marijke Zaalberg started in 1998 in the mountains south of Port au Prince in Haiti with educating. The start of The Foundation to School in Haiti. In the meanwhile, this school has grown into a main building with sixteen rooms, a kitchen, a nursery, a volunteer residence, a private water supply, four wooden changing rooms and a vegetable garden. Over 800 children follow education; from first class kindergarten to third grade high school. In addition, the children receive a hot meal every school day, often the only meal for them. If necessary, assistance is also provided in the area of ​​temporary shelter, medical care and assistance to children going to other schools. From school, projects are also set up and implemented to improve living conditions for residents in the area around the school. The distribution of seeds, beans, goats and help in building earthquake and hurricane-resistant houses are examples of this. Koen Pack has sponsored this foundation for years and hopes to give children in Haiti a better life.

Ride for the Roses 2015

Ride for the Roses

Aalsmeer – 4 September 2015
In 2015 a team of about 20 cyclists took part in the Ride for the Roses in the Aalsmeer area. The proceeds came to the benefit of KWF Cancer Fund. The route was from Flora Holland Aalsmeer, through Nieuw-Vennep and Vijfhuizen to Amsterdam and Uithoorn. We can look back on a nice trip for charity!