Come visit our showroom in Amstelveen for inspiration. Here you will find over 400 square meters with our complete product assortment range. You will find potcovers, luxury carrybags and boxes, as well as bouquet holders, decorative sheets and sleeves. For each purpose Koen Pack has an original packaging, whether it is for one rose or a hundred tulips. Moreover, we have the largest collection of picks for your desired finishing touch. Experienced salespeople assist you in finding the right packaging and accessories for your product.

Do you find it difficult to make a choice from our extensive range? We have a sample space on top of our showroom where you can get your free sample of all our stock items. If you want you can take a closer look at the different possibilities.
Showroom Koen Pack Showroom Koen Pack Showroom Koen Pack Showroom Koen Pack

Visit our showroom, let us inspire you!