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What does Koen Pack do about sustainable and circular?

Our customers consider a "switch" to sustainable packaging. Koen Pack has been going through this transition for much longer … because we care!

Our Waste Policy explains how we handle waste.

Koen Pack's Sustainability Vision

Our world faces many sustainability challenges, in particular as a result of the increasing demand for and depletion of natural resources and climate change. Waste management can make an important positive contribution in this regard. By recycling materials can again serve as a raw material or as an energy carrier, which reduces the use of primary raw materials and reduces CO² emissions.

Sustainable Processing

We strive to process (or have processed) all released materials in as sustainable a way as possible and, where possible, to make them suitable for reuse.
We declare that we return the released materials to the chain as much as possible. On the one hand as a recycled material for new materials or as a new raw material for equal or equivalent products. The products that cannot be recycled are used for high-quality energy generation, among other things.

Koen Pack's Environmental Goals

- Koen Pack aims to be off gas by 2030;
- In 2025, our company cars will be hybrid or electric. We strive to only lease environmental class A and B cars;
- In principle, we only supply our wooden and paper articles FSC certified;
- We have the ambition to print less at the office;
- We support the Onetreeplanted project and thereby reduce our footprint;
- We aim to shift the use of virgin material to recycled material;


We have clearly arranged our certificates in theCertifye Wallet.
Here you can find a list of all certificates.
Do you want to know more about this? Send an e-mail with your question to sales@koenpack.com

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