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Sustainability campaign Koen Pack

As a leader in flower and plant packaging, Koen Pack understands the importance of keeping its customers informed about the different ways to ensure sustainability. We are your partner when considering options available in sustainable packaging.

Koen Pack will be sharing information and advice with the entire industry through trade journals, social media and select advertisements. As well, you will find a lot of information on the following pages. Our unique Sample Book helps our clients make informed decisions on sustainable packaging and can be requested here.

What does sustainability mean?

To consider your company “sustainable,” do you need a fleet of electric cars or a roof full of solar panels? Does the entire staff have to switch to a locally-grown, vegetable-based diet before labelling yourself as “sustainable?”

Today, more and more individuals, companies, and politicians are working on sustainability but in many different ways. Sustainability is not just cutting down less tress but also replanting. Sustainability is ensuring that products last longer, are recyclable and have no, or less, impact on the environment. Sustainability is being aware of your carbon footprint and that of your suppliers. Perhaps there isn’t a proper single definition of sustainability, but it is clear that we all have to do something. No matter how small your steps are, by opting for more environmentally-friendly packaging, we all contribute to a better world.

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You can see the packaging options we offer in our webshop or read more about the difference between paper and plastic.

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