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Frequently asked questions about sustainability

Circular and sustainable packaging, what exactly are they? And what does that mean for you as a grower, florist, wholesaler or exporter?
View the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Circular Economy
The production of articles that are less harmful to the environment has a price tag. This makes sense because over the past 30-40 years the cheapest possible packaging have been developed for which the cheapest raw materials are used. All production processes are set up to get as much output as possible. It also depends on the quantity and material. The moment smaller quantities are produced from more expensive raw materials, the article becomes more expensive for several reasons:
- More expensive raw materials (depending on supply and demand)
- More expensive production processes.

Mail us at sales-usa@koenpack.com to ask for an offer.

What does Koen Pack itself do about sustainable and circular?

Our customers are thinking about switching to more sustainable packaging. Koen Pack has been going through this transition much longer ... because we care!
Check out the latest developments>>

What about the certification for the materials?

Seedling logo

We have a Seedling logo certificate for PLA. Check the certificate here >>


All items made of wood originate from a forest. How can we be sure that the trees have been cut down in the legal manner and that the logging has not caused overexploitation of the forest? By buying timber with the FSC label, you can be sure that logging has been done in a responsible manner, without jeopardizing local biodiversity and respecting the rights of the local population and forest workers.
This is why it's possible in Europe to use our FSC certificate for many of our wooden picks and paper sleeves.

Biodegradable or not?
These logos ensure awareness/change of mentality, correct waste separation (waste streams - view our image) is the basis on which we as a supplier and you as a customer can exert influence.

Does Koen Pack also supply packaging made from recycled material?

In principle, we work with new plastic granules in the production of our covers and sheets. Because recycled plastic is not always transparent, we cannot create new transparent flower sleeves. It is possible to produce a non-transparent sleeve or film from recycled LDPE, HDPE or CPP. Many of our buckets are produced from recycled granules. We are looking at the possibilities in this area with our suppliers, would you like to request a sample of this? Ask our account managers!
You can find more information about the possibilities in the field of recycled BOPE, BOPP, HDPE and LDPE in the sample book.

Questions about the recyclability of paper and cardboard packaging

Paper and cardboard packaging may be disposed of with the old paper if it is clean and dry. Single-sided laminated or coated paper and cardboard can also be used as waste paper, if it has been shown that it is suitable for the paper recycling process.

Is it possible to start small with testing less environmentally harmful packaging?

We are open to test with new materials. Even when it comes to small numbers. That is why it is always possible to request samples from us. Our account managers are happy to guide you in the process of switching from traditional packaging to (more) sustainable packaging. We can of course help you further with customer-specific sustainable solutions. Please let us know where your interests lie and we will be happy to make a special offer.

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