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What does Koen Pack do about sustainable and circular?

Our customers consider a "switch" to sustainable packaging. Koen Pack has been going through this transition for much longer … because we care!

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Our Waste Policy explains how we handle waste.

Koen Pack's Sustainability Vision

Our world faces many sustainability challenges, in particular as a result of the increasing demand for and depletion of natural resources and climate change. Waste management can make an important positive contribution in this regard. By recycling materials can again serve as a raw material or as an energy carrier, which reduces the use of primary raw materials and reduces CO² emissions.

Sustainable Processing

We strive to process (or have processed) all released materials in as sustainable a way as possible and, where possible, to make them suitable for reuse.
We declare that we return the released materials to the chain as much as possible. On the one hand as a recycled material for new materials or as a new raw material for equal or equivalent products. The products that cannot be recycled are used for high-quality energy generation, among other things.


At the end of 2018, LED lighting was installed in the entire warehouse. Dynamic dimming is used where the light output when not in use is 10% and when driving in is 100%.

"It is a cost saving and better for the environment," said Robert Kooyman, facility manager at Koen Pack in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. The lighting in the warehouse has been thoroughly addressed. Despite the fact that the building comes from 2007, all fluorescent tubes were replaced by sustainable LED lamps in 2018. The lighting in the office has also been replaced by the more economical version. "We are also doing CSR responsibly with this."

Solar panels

At the end of 2019, preparations were started to install more than 1,000 solar panels on the roof of Koen Pack in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. From 2020 we switched to green energy with this sustainable investment. This is in line with our intention to operate in a socially responsible manner and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. Would you like to discuss sustainability with us and what is involved? Please contact us for a knowledge session! We can do that at your company or in our decorated showroom.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Different certificates

Koen Pack has been a member of the BSCI program since 1 January 2017. BSCI is an initiative of amfori and stands for "Business Social Compliance Initiative". The initiative has been created to, among other things, improve working conditions in the production chain worldwide. We believe that equal and good working conditions are important for everyone in our production chain. In close consultation with our producers in China, Vietnam and Myanmar, among other things, we ensure that the circumstances in which they work meet the requirements set. This has been guaranteed for years through the Sedex program. Sedex is a non-profit organization that works on improving ethical and responsible business. By being affiliated with amfori, independent auditors conduct regular audits of our suppliers. BSCI participants and suppliers follow training on various themes as described in the 11 principles.

The 11 principles of BSCI

BSCI is committed to the worldwide improvement of working conditions in the production chain of its members and does this according to eleven principles. This includes ensuring equal opportunities for employees, assessing risks, socially responsible policies, freedom of association, special protection for young workers, combating child and forced labor, paying fair compensation, protecting the environment and provisions for safe and healthy workplace. More information can be found in the Code of Conduct.


The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, empowers sustainable and ethical supply chains, is a not for profit membership organization dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. The goal is a secure, online database that offers members the ability to store information, share and report on four key areas: Labour, Health & Safety, Environmental and Business Ethics. Koen Pack is connected with Sedex since 2013.


In Colombia Koen Pack has an ISO-14001 certification, because using an environmental management system according to the ISO-14001 standard, the environmental risks of the operations are controlled and if possible reduced.
Koen Pack Sucursal has been awarded an AA category from the Sello de Sostenibilidad by Corantioquia. This recognition is given for the dedication and extra efforts in all processes, which are not only sustainable but also environmentally friendly.

Here you find a list of all certificates.

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