All themes of 2021 together

"Making flowers and plants even more beautiful" is our passion. We are therefore very proud of our new collection.

As you are used to from Koen Pack, we are also presenting a new collection this year. For 2021 we started working with eight style themes inspired by nature, imagination, history and a global connection where stripes are central. Stripes are powerful and our common thread is CONNECT ALL , because our customers have an advantage with us. In addition, we have a beautiful product range specially designed for the holidays and seasons.

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BoostALL Theme: BoostALL, Koen Pack collection 2021 - Energy and vitality that makes you happy

BotanicALL Theme: BotanicALL, Koen Pack collection 2021 - It just keeps on growing, the love for nature, for green

CulturALL Theme: CulturALL, Koen Pack collection 2021 - Silence is the new luxury - still, soft, feminine, elegance

EternALL Theme: EternALL, Koen Pack collection 2021 - Peace, simplicity and balance are essential in this time of reflection

MuseALL Theme: MuseALL, Koen Pack collection 2021 - Mirror mirror on the wall, we are the most beautiful of them all

OceanALL Theme: OceanALL, Koen Pack collection 2021 - Admiration for everything the oceans produces