Lots of new summer zinc hardware at Koen Pack

Nieuwsbrief week 12

NIEUW! Zinken emmer Summer Breeze

ES9 / Q40226 - Q40229
ES10,5 / Q40230 - Q40233
ES14 / Q40238 - Q40241
ES17 / Q40242 - Q40245
ES19 / Q40246 - Q40249

Nieuwsbrief week 12

The new sink bucket series Summer Breeze are available from this week. As the name suggests, the fresh colors provide a 'summer breeze'. The buckets are suitable for almost all pot sizes.

The new series Zinc Teapot is also available. The retro teapots give your arrangement an authentic look.

NEW! Zinc Teapot

Q40250 - Q40252

Nieuwsbrief week 12

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