"Do you have anything new?"

This is a frequently asked question from our relations, for example buyers or designers, who want to distinguish themselves in the market with their flowers or plants. Our account managers often have their answer ready in the form of a few samples of picks, sleeves or potcovers that they can show directly to their customers. These are samples that were sometimes created by our design department recently as part of a new collection. And sometimes they are specifically designed for the respective customer.

What people usually don't know is that each sample is the result of a creative design process. To be innovative, Koen Pack develops several new collections every year with great passion. We even develop so many new products that we can redesign our showroom every year.

Are you also looking for something new?
Are you curious about what we can offer you? In this Trend Book we have worked out various themes for you. We are also happy to show you around in our showroom to show the latest trends and products live. Please contact your account manager or our back office colleagues at +1 (305) 513 3375 of send an email to sales-usa@koenpack.com.

Best regards,

The Koen Pack Team