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Koen Pack has patented a number of items, among which also the Smartsleeves, by number:
NL 2013062
EP 2960180
US 9517878

Koen Pack started the development of its Smartsleeve in 2013 and acquired the patents in 2016. The Smartsleeve has the look of a sleeve with a separate insert, but with the ease and speed of production of a regular sleeve.

What’s so cool about this product?

  • It works like a regular sleeve, bouquet production is fast and efficient.
  • The insert is attached, so it can never move up or down the bouquet like a loose insert would.
  • The Smartsleeve has a hand-made look.
  • Consistent look in the stores, the insert always stays in place.
  • The Smartsleeve is sealed on one outer side only, the other side is folded.
  • With the functional bottom cut, bouquet makers can easily tape the Smartsleeve to the bouquet so it remains in the perfect position.

  • We have various designs available in our collections, and the Smartsleeve can easily be customized for special orders. Please ask your account manager for samples and/or additional information.

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